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  Where shall I register? 我应该在哪儿挂号?

  Where is the registration office? 挂号处在哪儿?

  How can I register? 我怎么挂号呢?

  Please wait on line to register. 请站队等候挂号。

  Please line up for register. 请排队挂号。

  Please queue up to register. 请排队挂号。

  Many people are lining up for registration. 许多人在排队挂号。

  A great many of people are waiting on line to register. 好多的人在排队等候挂号。

  Is it for emergency case? 是看急诊吗?

  Do you want to have an emergency treatment? 你要看急诊吗?

  Are you asking for an emergency case? 你要看急诊吗?

  I want to get specialist treatment. 我要看专家治疗。

  I would like to get a specialist for care. 我想看专家门诊。

  I wonder whether I could register with expert service. 我想知道我能否挂专家门诊。

  How much do I need pay for the registration? 我需要付多少挂号费?

  How much are you going to charge me for the registration. 你要向我收取多少挂号费。

  The registration fee is 5 yuan. 挂号费五元。

  Please pay five Yuan for the registration. 请付五元挂号费。

  Please pay five Yuan for your registration fee. 请付五元挂号费。

  You should pay five Yuan for the registration fee. 你该付五元挂号费。

  This is your registration card. 这是你的挂号证。

  Here is your registration card. 这是你的挂号证。

  Your registration card. 你的挂号证。

  To see the doctor in this country, you need an appointment. 在这个国家看医生,你需要预约挂号。

  An appointment is necessary if you need to see a doctor in this country. 在这个国家如果你需要看医生,需要是必要的。

  You need to make an appointment with a doctor a doctor in this nation. 在这个国家里你需要预约医生。

  May I make an appointment with a doctor now? 我现在可以预约医生吗?

  I need to make an appointment for the next visit. 我需要预约下一次就诊。

  When will the specialist be available? 专家什么时候有空呢?

  What time is convenient for the specialist? 专家什么时间方便呢?

  When can I have an appointment with the specialist? 我什么时候能预约专家呢?


  You don't look too well today. 你看上去气色不太好。

  Aren't you feeling well? 你不舒服吗?

  I'm under the weather. 我不舒服。

  What's wrong with you? 你哪儿不舒服?

  What's the matter with you? 你哪儿不舒服?

  What's your symptom? 有什么症状?

  I feel so cold. 我觉得浑身发冷。

  My throat hurts. 我喉咙痛。

  It's hard for me to breathe through my nose. 我用鼻子呼吸很困难。

  I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. 我嗓子疼痛而且鼻子不通。

  My breathing is harsh and wheezy. 我呼吸时,有气喘似的呼哧呼哧作响。

  I have a runny nose, sneezing or a scratchy throat. 我流鼻水,打喷嚏和喉咙沙哑。

  Your forehead's burning. 你的前额很烫。

  Do you have a headache? 你头疼吗?

  Have you got a headache? 你头疼吗?

  My head pounds. 头疼的厉害。

  I ache all over. 整个头都疼。

  My head is pounding. 我头痛。

  I have a terrible headache. 我的头非常痛。

  I have a headache, aching bones and joints. 我头痛,骨头、关节也痛。

  I feels headache, nausea and vomiting. 我觉得头痛、恶心和想吐。

  I feel light-headed. 我觉得头晕。

  I just feel dizzy and weak and didn't feel like doing a thing. 我只是觉得头晕,没劲,什么也不想干。

  Are you coughing much? 咳嗽厉害吗?

  A little bit. 有一点。

  My cough is dry, producing no phlegm. 我是干咳,没有痰。

  I coughed with sputum and feeling of malaise. 我咳嗽有浓痰,而且觉得很虚弱。

  I have coughed up blood. 我咳嗽有血。

  I have bouts of uncontrollable coughing. 我一阵阵的咳嗽,难以控制。

  I have a feeling of tightness in the chest or a feeling that he is suffocating. 我胸部觉得闷闷的,好象透不过气来。

  How is your appetite? 食欲怎么样?

  Very bad. 很差。

  It's gone completely. 完全没有食欲。

  I do not want to eat anything. 我不想吃任何东西。

  How long have you been feeling like this? 你这样多久了?

  Since last night. 昨天晚上开始的。

  You probably just had a cold. 你可能是感冒了。

  I need to take your temperature. 我需要量一下你的体温。

  I'll take your temperature first. 我先量一下你的体温。

  Let me take your temperature. 我给你量量体温。

  Put the thermometer under your arm. 把这个体温表放在腋下。

  You got a fever. 你发烧了。

  Show me your tongue, plwase. 请让我看一下你的舌头。

  Let me listen to your chest. 让我听一听你的胸部。

  Breathe deeply. 深呼吸。

  It's only a throat infection. 只是咽喉有点感染。

  There's nothing wrong with your lungs. 肺部没有问题。

  Stay in bed and keep yourself warm. 在床上休息并做好保暖。


  I've got a toothache. 我牙疼。

  I can't eat anything. 我什么都吃不了。

  Could you check my teeth? 你能检查一下我的牙齿吗?

  Please open your mouth wide and let me have a look. 请张大嘴巴,让我看一下。

  Which one is painful? 哪一颗牙疼呢?

  You have a cavity. 你有一颗蛀牙。

  Please rinse your mouth. 请漱漱口。

  I will fill the cavity for you. 我会给你扑上。

  You will need root canals. 你需要进行压根管治疗。

  Perhaps you need teeth implants. 或许你需要植牙。

  Before the teeth implant procedure, you need to take anti-inflammatories. 植牙之前,你需要吃消炎药。

  Local anaesthesia will be used to numb the area before the procedure. 手术之前会先进行局部麻醉。

  This procedure requires 3 separate visits. 这个治疗需要就诊三次。

  Remember to brush your teeth after every meal. 记得每一餐之后都要刷牙。

  Here is the pamphlet that shows you the correct way of brushing your teeth. 这个小册子教你如何正确刷牙。


  He has a bloated, uncomfortable feeling after meal. 他饭后肚子觉得胀胀的,很不舒服。

  He has bouts of abdominal pain. 他有一阵阵的肚痛。

  He feels bloated in his abdominal area. 他感到肚子胀胀的。注:胀胀的,像(puff up),但不是真正的肿(swell up)。

  The pain is mainly in the lower upper right part of the abdomen. 痛是在肚子下半部。

  He has nausea and vomiting. 他有恶心和呕吐。

  It is difficult or painful for him to swallow. 他吞下食物时会痛。

  He has passed more gas than usual. 他放…比平常多。

  He has been constipated for a few days. 他便秘了好几天。

  He suffers pains when he moves his bowels. 他大便时很痛。

  He has some bleeding from his rectum. 他的肛门出血。

  He has noticed some blood in his bowel movements. 他发觉大便时有些血。

  His bowel movements are pale, greasy and foul smelling. 他大便呈灰白色,含油脂的恶臭。

  His bowel movements are grey or black in color. 他的大便呈灰白色。

  He has trouble with diarrhea. 他拉肚子。


  His both hands and feet ache all over. 他两手两脚都很酸痛。

  He has pain on the sole of his feet. 他脚底很痛。

  There is a wart-like lump on the sole of right foot. 我右脚底有个像肉疣般的硬块。

  His ankles look puffy and they pit when he presses them with his finger. 他的足踝好象肿了,用手按,就有小坑痕。

  The pain in his left foot is accompanied by redness and swelling. 左脚酸痛,并有红肿。

  The joints near his fingernails and knuckles look swollen. 指头和指节旁边的关节,似乎有肿大。

  He has numbness and tingling in his hands and fingers. 他的手和指头感到麻木和刺痛。

  His legs become painful following strenuous exercise. 激烈运动后,他的腿就痛。

  His knee is misshapen or unable to move. 他的膝盖有点畸形,也不能动。

  There are some swellings in his armpit. 他的腋窝肿大。

  He is troubled with painful muscles and joints. 他的筋骨和关节都痛。

  She is troubled by the pains in the back and shoulders. 她的后背和肩膀都痛。

  His knee has been bothering him for some time. 他的膝盖不舒服,已有一段时间了。


  He is sleeping poorly. 他睡不好

  He has difficulty in sleeping, inability to concentrate. 他不易入睡,也难集中精神。

  It is usually hard for her to fall asleep when she goes to bed at night. 她晚上就寝,很难入睡。

  He wakes during the night or early morning and finds it difficult to fall asleep again. 他晚间或清早醒来后,再也不能入睡。

  He has nightmares occasionally. 他有时做噩梦。


  She has noticed one lump in her breast. 她发觉乳房有个肿块。

  There is a hard, swollen lump on her right breast. 她右乳房有肿块。

  Her left breast is painful and swollen. 她左乳房疼痛且肿大。

  She has heavy bleeding with her periods. 她月经来的很多。

  Her vaginal discharge is white or greenish-yellow and unpleasant smelling. 她阴道分泌物带白色或绿黄色,而且气味不好

  She has noticed occasional spotting of blood between periods. 在月经来的前后,她有时也发觉有滴滴达达的流血。

  She has some bleeding after intercourse. 性交后有出血。

  She feels some vaginal itching. 她感到阴部发痒。

  She has painful periods and abnormal vaginal discharge. 她月经来时疼痛,而且阴道有不正常的分泌物。


  He urinates more frequently than usual. 他小便比平时多。

  He has difficulty controlling his bladder. 他很难控制小便。bladder 是膀胱。

  There are some lumps on his testicles. 他的睪丸有些硬块。

  He has had burning or pain when he urinates. 他小便时感到发热和疼痛。

  He is passing less urine than usual. 他小便比平时少。

  He has had painless swelling in his scrotum. 他的阴囊有不痛的肿大。

  He feels lack of interest in sex. 他自觉对性的兴趣大减。

  He has difficulty starting his urine flow. 他小便不畅通。

  His urine stream is very weak and slow. 他小便流动得很慢很弱。

  He dribbles a little urine after he has finished urinating. 他小便后,还会有少量零星地滴下。

  He has had some discharge from his penis. 他的阴茎排出一些流脓

  His urine is cloudy and it smells strong. 他的小便混浊,而且气味不好。

  He has a dull heavy ache in the crotch. 他的胯部感到隐痛。

  He has a small leakage of urine when he coughs or sneezes. 他咳嗽或打喷嚏时,会有点泄尿。

  He has trouble urinating. 他小便有困难。


  I'll take your blood pressure. 我给你量下血压。

  Would you roll up your sleeve? 能把袖子卷起来吗?

  Your blood pressure is really up. 你的血压很高。

  He has noticed frequent urination, increased thirst and unexpected tireness. 他发觉常常小便,非??诳屎透悠>?。

  It is a chest pain that gets worse when he bends over or lies down. 他弯腰或躺下时,胸部更痛。

  He has noticed excessive sweating and unexplained tireness. 他体会到过度的出汗和难以解释的疲倦。

  He has a sharp pain in one area of his spine. 他的脊椎某部位刺痛。

  He has pain in other joints including hip, knee and ankle. 其它关节疼痛包括臀部、膝盖和脚踝。

  His eyes seem to be bulging. 他的眼睛觉得有点肿胀。

  He has double vision. 他的视线有双重影子。

  He feels there is a film over his eyes. 他觉得眼里有种薄膜似的东西,挡住视线。

  His vision in the right eye blurred. 他右眼视线模糊不清。

  He has had some earaches lately. 他近来耳朵有点痛。

  He has a repeated buzzing or other noises in his ears. 他耳朵常有嗡嗡的声音。


  You need to take some pills. 你需要吃点药。

  I'll give you a prescription. 我给你开个处方。

  I'll prescribe some pills for you to take in the morning and evening. 我给你开一些早晚服的药片。

  Are you allergic to any drugs? 你对什么药物过敏吗?

  Are you allergic to any type of medication? 你会不会对某些药品过敏?

  I think that I can take most drugs. 我想大部分药我还是可以服用的。

  Not at all. 完全没有。

  Here is your prescription. 这是处方。

  Please take this prescription to the drugstore. 请拿这个处方去药房抓药。

  Could you please tell me how many pills to take and how many times a day? 能不能告诉我每次服几片,一天服几次吗?

  It's marked right on the label. 这标签上写的明明白白。

  Take one of these three times a day after meals. 每次一片,每日三次,饭后服用。

  Take two of these twice a day, morning and evening. 每次二片,每日二次,早晚服用。

  Take one tablet every four hours. 每四小时服一片。

  Take 2 of these when you feel you need them. 感觉不适的时候服两片。

  The cough medicine you can take as needed, but don't take more than six tablespoonful a day. 这种治咳嗽的药需要时服用,但一天不得超过6匙。

  Take the medicine on time. 按时吃药。

  Hope you'll get well soon. 希望你很快好起来。


  Is this where I come for an injection? 打针是在这儿吗?

  Yes. Can you please show me your prescription? 是的。你能让我看看你的处方吗?

  Do you know if you are allergic to penicillin? 你知道是否你对青霉素过敏吗?

  I have no idea. 我不知道。

  Then I'll have to test you to see if you're allergic to it. 拿我得给你做个试验看看你是否过敏。

  Roll up your sleeve. 卷起你的袖子。

  Shall I sit down? 我要坐下吗?

  Yes, rest your arm on the table and relax. 是的,把胳膊放在桌子上并且放松。

  Wait just outside for 15 minutes. 在外面等15分钟。

  Then I'll have a look to see your reaction. 然后让我看看有什么反应。

  Let me see your arm. 让我看看你的胳膊。

  Nothing seems to have happened. 好像没什么反应。

  That seems to be all right. 看上去一切正常。

  I'll give you your first injection now. 我现在先给你打第一针。

  How many injections will I need? 我需要打多少针呀?

  One every day for seven days. 每天一针,打七天。

  It's important that you don't skip a day. 不要漏掉一天,这很重要。

  Otherwise the course may not be effective. 否则,这个疗程可能会失效。

  Try to relax as much as you can. 你尽可能的放松。

  It really hurts. 真疼呀。


  May I have your health insurance card, please? 请把你的医??ǜ?

  There will be an additional fee for medication. 药物另外收费。

  If you don't have health insurance, there will be a full charge. 如果你没有医???,就要支付全款。


  Should I be stay in the hospital? 我应该住院吗?

  Do I have to be in hospital? 我的住院吗?

  You must be hospitalized at once. 你必须立即住院。

  You had to stay in the hospital immediately. 你得立即住进医院。

  I am checking into the hospital tomorrow. 我明天要去住院。

  I need to be hospitalized tomorrow. 我明天需要住院。

  Do I have to stay in the hospital for long? 我得住院很久吗?

  Do I have to stay in the hospital for a long time? 我得住院很长时间吗?

  Do I must have a long stay in hospital? 我必须长时间住院吗?

  You need to stay for one day or two for observation. 你需要住院观察一两天。

  Have you gone through the admission procedures? 你办理住院手续了吗?

  Have you completed the admission procedures? 你办完住院手续了吗?

  Please go to the in-patient department to go through the admission procedures. 请去住院部办理住院手续。

  Go through the admission procedures at the in-patient department.办理住院手续在住院部。

  I ask for a private ward. 我要求一个单人病房。

  I need to be put in a single ward. 我需要被安排在一个单人病房。

  Please fill in this admission card. 请填这张住院卡。

  Please fill out the admitting card. 请填这张住院卡。

  I'm the matron. 我是护士长。

  I'm the head nurse. 我是护士长。

  I'm the nurse in charge. 我是护士长。

  You may push the call button if you need a nurse. 如果你需要护士就按这个呼叫按钮。

  Just press the call button if you want a nurse. 如果你要护士就按这个呼叫按钮。

  Please push the call button when needing a nurse. 需要护士请按这呼叫按钮。

  We provide quality service for our patients. 我们为病人提供高品质的服务。

  The patients will enjoy the high qulity service providing by us. 病人会享有我们提供的高品质服务。

  Smoking is not allowed in the ward. 病房里不允许吸烟。

  You are not allowed to smoke in the ward. 你不允许在病房里吸烟。

  Please keep the ward quite. 请保持病房安静。

  Please be quite in the ward. 在病房内请安静。

  Please don't speak in a loud voice in the sickroom. 请不要再病房内大声喧哗。

  When am I allowed to leave the hospital? 我什么时候能出院?

  When can I be discharged? 我什么时候能出院?

  How soon can I be released from the hospital? 我多久能出院?

  Can you tell me why I can't be discharged now? 你能告诉我为什么现在不能出院吗?

  Will you please tell me the reason why I can't be released from the hospital? 请你告诉我为什么不能出院呢?

  It depends on your recovery. 这取决于你恢复的情况。

  If you have a good recovery, you can leave the hospital. 如果你恢复好的话,你就能出院。

  You can be released from the hospital after recovery. 身体回复后你就能出院了。

  I want to discuss something about leaving hospital. 我要商量有关出院的一些事。

  I'm here to talk over the discharge with you. 我来这儿和你商量出院的事。

  You are going to be discharged tomorrow.你明天可以出院了。

  You are allowed to be discharged from hospital tomorrow. 你被允许明天出院了。

  It was arranged that she would be discharged today. 安排她今天出院。

  She was arranged to be discharged from hospital today. 她被安排今天出院。

  Even if you're discharged, you still need to take a rest at home. 尽管你出院了,你仍需要在家休息。

  Remember to have a rest at home, though you're discharged. 尽管你出院了,记住在家休息。

  You must also have a good rest after leaving the hospital. 离开医院后你一定还有好好休息。

  Please remember to clear up your bill before you leave hospital. 在你离开医院前请记着结清账单。

  Please pay your bill before you leave hospital. 在你离开医院前请付清账单。

  Please settle your account when leaving the hospital. 离开医院时请结清你的帐目。

  I can go home after settling my bills. 结清账单后我就能回家了。

  After clear up the bills I can go home. 结清账单后我就能回家了。


  I've heard that you are ill. 我听说你生病了。

  I'm sorry to hear that you're sick. 听说你生病了,我很难过。

  I'm distressed to hear of your illness. 听说你生病了,我很难过。

  What's the matter? 怎么了?

  Do you feel better? 你感觉好点了吗?

  You need more rest. 你需要多休息。

  You should take a good rest. 你应该好好休息。

  Take a rest, and you'll be OK. 休息一下,你就会好的。

  Get well soon. 很快就好。

  Take good care of yourself. 照顾好自己。

  Eat well and stay healthy. 好好吃饭,保持健康。

  I hope there is nothing serious of your sickness. 我希望你的病没什么大碍。

  I hope you feel better soon. 我希望你很快好起来。

  I hope to see you up and about soon. 我希望很快看到你下床走动。

  Best wishes for your recovery. 祝你早日康复。

  Thanking you for coming. 谢谢你过来看我。



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