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  1.When the first all-purpose computer was completed in 1946, no one could have foreseen the enormous impact it would have in the years ahead.

  (A) dangerous (B) historical (C)tremendous

  2.More than 89 of the buildings in Annapolis, Maryland, were erected before the Revolutionary War.

  (A) planned (B) leveled (C) constructed

  3.The Imperial Palace of China, now one of the world's greatest museums was once the estate of the Chinese emperor.

  (A) foundation (B) museum (C) property

  4.Biological oceanographers study how organisms live in the sea and how various species evolve and adapt to their environment.

  (A) swim (B) reproduce (C) develop

  5.Potential computer buyers have come to expect versatility, energy

  efficiency, and simplicity as essential components of new equipment.

  (A) necessary (B) nominal (C) suspicious

  6.Baleen whales swim with their mouths open and obtain food by filtering the crustaceans and the smallest fishes from the water.

  (A) frightening (B) discarding (C) straining

  7.The Mayan civilization flourished on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.

  (A) profited (B) gained (C) prospered

  8.A piece of wood is floating in the water.

  (A) drifting along (B) condensing (C) bunching together

  9.Because of their chemical structure, synthetic dyes generally fade more slowly than natural ones.

  (A) penetrate (B)lose color (C) darken fabric

  10. In 1972 Cesar Chaves expanded the focus of the United Farm Workers to include all California vegetable workers and launched a nationwide lettuce boycott.

  (A)mediated (B)began (C)joined

  11. The Rockefeller Center has leased part of its land from Columbia University.

  (A) inherited (B)bought (C) rented

  12. The World Assembly on Aging has confirmed the need to address issuespertinent to older workers in industry and agriculture.

  (A) training (B) salaries (C) subjects

  13. Some plants contain substances that interfere with the digestive processes of animals.

  (A) disrupt (B) encourage (C) augment

  14. The St. Lawrence Seaway links the Great Lakes with the shipping lanes of the world.

  (A)routes (B)centers (C) stations

  15. Myths have inspired many of the world's greatest poets, artists, musicians, and scientists.

  (A) contradicted the ideas of

  (B) fired the imagination of

  (C) overwhelmed




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