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  1、There are only twelve in the hospital.

  A.woman doctors B.women doctors

  C.women doctor D.woman doctor

  2、Mr Smith has two , both of whom are teachers in a school.

  A.brothers-in-law B.brother-in-laws

  C.brothers-in-laws D.brothers-in law

  3、——How many does a cow have?


  A.stomaches B.stomach C.stomachs D.stomachies

  4、Some visited our school last Wednesday.

  A.German B.Germen C.Germans D.Germens

  5、The of the building are covered with lots of .

  A.roofs; leaves B.rooves; leafs C.roof; leaf D.roofs; leafs

  6、When the farmer returned home he found three missing.

  A.sheeps B.sheepes C.sheep D.sheepies

  7、That was a fifty engine.

  A.horse power B.horses power

  C.horse powers D.horses powers

  8、My father often gives me .

  A.many advice B.much advice C.a lot of advices D.a few advice

  9、Mary broke a while she was washing up.

  A.tea cup B.a cup of tea C.tea’s cup D.cup tea

  10、Can you give us some about the writer?

  A.informations B.information

  C.piece of informations D.pieces information

  11、I had a cup of and two pieces of this morning.

  A.teas; bread B.teas; breads

  C.tea; breads D.tea; bread

  12、As is known to us all, travels much faster than .

  A.lights; sounds B.light; sound

  C.sound; light D.sounds; lights

  13、She told him of all her and .

  A.hope; fear B.hopes; fear

  C.hopes; fears D.hope; fears

  14、The rising did a lot of to the crops.

  A.water; harm B.water; harms

  C.waters; harm D.waters; harms

  15、——How far away is it from here to your school?

  ——It’s about .

  A.half an hour’s drive B.half hours drives

  C.half an hour drives D.half an hour drive

  16、The shirt isn’t mine. It’s .

  A.Mrs Smith B.Mrs’ Smith

  C.Mrs Smiths’ D.Mrs Smith’s

  17、Miss Johnson is a friend of .

  A.Mary’s mother B.Mary’s mothers’

  C.Mary mother’s D.Mary’s mother’s

  18、Last week I called at my .

  A.aunt B.aunts C.aunt’s D.auntes’

  19、The beach is a throw.

  A.stone B.stones C.stones’ D.stone’s

  20、I can hardly imagine sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in five days.

  A.Peter’ B.Peter C.Peters D.Peters’


  1、B 2、A

  3、C stomach(胃)虽是“ch”结尾,但其发音为[k],所以加“s”,不用加“es”。

  4、C 5、A roof, chief, gulf, belief等词的复数形式,直接加“s”。

  6、C 7、A 名词作定语一般不用复数。


  9、A 根据句意,打破的应是杯子,而不是茶;名词作定语表类别不用加“’s”。

  10、B 11、D 12、B 13、C 14、C 15、A

  16、D 根据上句,此处应是史密斯太太的衬衫。

  17、D 18、C 19、D a stone’s throw是固定短语,意为“近在咫尺”。

  20、B 此句中Peter作动名词sailing的所有格,本应用Peter’s,但因其在动词后作宾语,所以可用宾格,因此B为正确答案。



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