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  1、Nothing but cars in the shop.

  A.is sold B.are sold C.were sold D.are going to sell

  2、No one except Jack and Tom the answer.

  A.know B.knows C.is knowing D.are known

  3、Seventy percent of the students in our school from the countryside.

  A.is B.are C.comes D.are coming

  4、 of the money used up.

  A.Three-five, are B.Three-fifths, have been

  C.Three-fifths, has been D.Third-fifths, is

  5、The number of the people who cars increasing.

  A.owns, are B.owns, is C.own, is D.own, are

  6、One of Marx’s works written in English in the 1860s.

  A.was B.were C.would be D.are

  7、The sheets for your bed washing.

  A.needs B.are needing C.want D.are wanting

  8、On each side of the street a lot of trees.

  A.stands B.grow C.is standing D.are grown

  9、Some person calling for you at the gate.

  A.are B.is C.is being D.will be

  10、All that can be eaten eaten up.

  A.are being B.has been C.had been D.have been

  11、Tom’s teacher and friend Mr. Smith.

  A.are B.is C.are being D.has

  12、Your new clothes fit you, but mine me.

  A.doesn’t fit B.don’t fit C.doesn’t fit for D.don’t fit for

  13、Neither he nor I for the plan.

  A.am B.are C.is D.were

  14、Many a student that mistake before.

  A.has made B.have made C.has been made D.had made

  15、Peter, perhaps John, playing with the little dog.

  A.is B.are C.were D.seems

  16、Laying eggs the ant queen’s full-time job.

  A.is B.are C.has D.have

  17、Between the two buildings a monument.

  A.stand B.stands C.standing D.is standing

  18、I, who your good friend, will share your joys and sorrow.

  A.am B.is C.are D.was

  19、The United Nations in 1945.

  A.were found B.were founded C.was founded D.was found

  20、 were also invited to the party.

  A.Mr Smith B.The Smith C.The Smiths D.Smiths

  21、The glass works in 1959.

  A.were set up B.was set up C.were put up D.were built

  22、Three hours with your girl friend to be a short time.

  A.seem B.seems C.is seeming D.has seemed

  23、It was reported that six including a boy.

  A.was killed B.were killed C.was killing D.had killed

  24、The police a prisoner.

  A.is searching for B.are searching forC.is searching D.are searched for

  25、Deer faster than dogs.

  A.run B.runs C.are running D.will run



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