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  1. Some 25,000 people were reported ______ in the ever recorded worst earthquake in Iran, which occurred late this month.

  A. were killed B. to be killed C. killing D. to have been killed

  2._____ the teacher's suggestion, Tom finally found a way to settle the problem.

  A. Following B. To follow C. Follow D. He followed

  3.______ that no one was ever prepared for it.

  A. So suddenly did the bad news come B. So suddenly the bad news came

  C. So did the bad news come suddenly D. Did the bad news come so suddenly

  4."______ the friendship between our two people last forever!", and with this sincere hope, the president concluded his speech.

  A. Could B. May C. Would D. Must

  5.We need a more capable leader, ______ with strong will and as well as good humour.

  A. who B. that C. one D. which

  6. Many people attend various public lectures, chiefly ______ themselves familiar with the latest development of different fields.

  A. getting B. to get C. to have got D. got

  7.It is no longer a problem _______ the poor children in this district can go to school.

  A. that B. whether C. so D. because

  8. Of all the applicants, ______ do you think is fit for the position?

  A. who B. whoever C. whomever D. whichever

  9.Part of the work is to be finished today and ______ by this weekend.

  A. another B. the others C. the rest D. the other

  10.Generally speaking, the hard one works, _______.

  A. the better he gets result B. the better result he gets

  C. he gets better result D. does he get better result

  11.With the worldwide oil crisis, the price of oil has been raised ______ 15%.

  A. about B. with C. of D. by

  12. The lectures, ______ the current international issues, are well received.

  A. are covered B. covered C. covering D. to cover

  13. Peter is very angry about ______ of the changed timetable.

  A. not informing B. not being informed C. being not informed D. not to be informed

  14.It is ______ that terrorism is a great threat to world peace.

  A. widely accepted B. widely accepting C. wide accepted D. wide accepting

  15.The house built of stone lasts longer than ____ built of wood.

  A. the one B. one C. that D. its

  16.E-mail as well as telephones ____ more and more popular in daily communication.

  A. have become B. become C. are becoming D. is becoming

  17.This kind of cloth ____ well.

  A. washes B. wash C. is washed D. is washing

  18.What do you mean ____ saying that you've never heard of it before?

  A. in B. by C. as D. with

  19. He's an intelligent boy. He ____ made such a foolish mistake.

  A. can't have B. may not have C. might not have D. mustn't have

  20. Each of the engineers and professors is working hard at their posts, ____ to accomplish the goal as soon as possible.

  A. wish B. for wishing C. wishing D. to wish



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