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  1. When the farmer came back from work, his pet dog jumped out the door to welcome him.

  A. from B. from behind C. of D. of behind

  2.___ he was ill, I was expected to take his place greatly surprised me for I didn't have much working experience.

  A. If B. That if C. That D. If that

  3. _____ scenery in national parks is usually attractive.

  A. A B. An C. The D. One

  4.If you have a cold, stay at home so that you won't spread it to _____.

  A. another B. the other C. others D. the others

  5.Those _____ to go to the exhibition should inform the office.

  A. not wanting B. who not want C. not wanted D. are not want

  6. The children _____ and we will never neglected them.

  A. brought up well B. was brought up well

  C. had been well brought up D. have been well brought up

  7.The mountain village is my hometown.I spent _____ merry night there when I was young.

  A. a great many B. plenty of C. many a D. a great deal

  8.In all English towns there is a speed limit of 30 miles an hour, _____?

  A. is there B. isn't there C. is it D. isn't it

  9.Why are you always making the same mistake? Think of _____ I told you.

  A. that B. when C. how D. what

  10.Nothing is _____ time; yet nothing is less valued.

  A. more precious than B. less precious than C. most precious D. as precious as

  11.Could _____ have been _____ who helped Sunny get her work done?

  A. they … it B. they … them C. it … them D. it … they

  12.I know a place _____ I can get a calculator on sale. I'll pick one up for you tomorrow.

  A. where B. wherever C. how D. which

  13.How teachers perform in their classes _____ a strong influence on the growth of the pupils.

  A. has B. have C. having D. to have

  14.I found the cat _____ under the bed, who had caught a mouse.

  A. hiding B. hidden C. to hide D. having hidden

  15.---- How did he get back last night?

  ---- I think he _____ back on foot, as there were no buses or taxies then at all.

  A. might have come B. needn't have come C. must have come D. should have come

  16.The doctor would allow him to go home _____ he remained in bed.

  A. as though B. for fear that C. on condition that D. as far as

  17.One of the most important social problems of today is _____ jobs to the unemployed.

  A. what to be given B. having given C. how to give D. to have given

  18. The doctor said I was over-weight. If only I _____ less!

  A. ate B. have been eating C. have eaten D. had eaten

  19. It is said that he got laughed at for _____.

  A. his dishonest B. been dishonest C. being dishonest D. to be dishonest

  20. A baby animal knows animals of _____ own kind when it sees them, when it smells them and it hears them.

  A. her B. one's C. its D. their



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