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  1. When he arrived, he found ____ the aged and the sick at home.

  A. nothing but B. none but C. none other than D. no other than

  2. John seems a nice person. ____, I don't trust him.

  A. Even though B. Even so C. ThereforeD. Though

  3. Excuse me. If your call's not too urgent, do you mind ____ mine first

  A. I make B. if I make C. me to make D. that I make

  4. We agreed to accept ____ they thought was the best tourist guide.

  A. whatever B. whomever C. whichever D. whoever

  5. ____ she realized it was too late to go home.

  A. No sooner it grew dark than B. Hardly did it grow dark that

  C. Scarcely had it grown dark than D. It was not until dark that

  6. They are going to have the serviceman ____ an electric fan in the office tomorrow.

  A. install B. to install C. to be installed D. installed

  7.There is an increase of 16% in the consumption of tobacco_____ the previous year.

  A. over B. than C. to D. then

  8.______ on time, I think, the medicine will work on him before long.

  A. Taken B. Being taken C. If taking D. Take

  9._____ you want me to fire you, I suggest you stop wearing sports clothes at office.

  A. As long as B. As far as C. Since D. Unless

  10.Nobody in the class except you and me _____ to the principal about the air qualityproblems.

  A. has complained B. have complained

  C. complain D. complaining

  11.Why can't you smoke

  At no time _______ in the meeting room.

  A. does smoking permit B. smoking be permitted

  C. is smoking permitted D. permits smoking

  12.The sale usually takes place outside the house, with the audience ___on benches, chairsor boxes.

  A. having seated B. seating C. having been seated D. seated

  13. These winners from that key school are wise and diligent, actually there are______students in that school

  A. many such B. such many C. so many D. so much

  14.Jack got a good mark although he had done _____ the others.

  A. half as much as B. as much as half

  C. as half as D. as much half as

  15.In the USA, both the federal and state governments have laws _____ to guard consumers against deceptive advertisements

  A. to be designed B. designed C. to design D. designing

  16.It is _____honor for Mrs. Black to be invited to act as an hostess at the party.

  A. an B. a C./ D. the

  17.Don't forget the appointment with the principal at the registry office, _____you

  A. don't B. do C. will D. shall

  18.We have no interest in the actress's scandal (丑闻), _____has been the focus of thenewspaper's attention for months.

  A. which B. what C. who D. that

  19.Terry doesn't like the idea of his wife _____ in that affair.

  A. being involvedB. involvingC. involved D. to be involved

  20._______ to be much chance of our catching him up in the near future.

  A. You don't seem B. There doesn't seem

  C. That doesn't seem D. It doesn't seem


  1.B 空格后the aged and the sick, 等于the old people and the sick people,所以but前应用表示"人"的不定代词。





  6.A 在have sb. do sth.结构中 do sth.做宾语 the serviceman的补足语,和 serviceman构成了逻辑上的主语和谓语的关系,表示"叫某人做某事"。

  7.A over介词"比"。如用than前面要有形容词比较等级。再如: As a secretary, girls are favored over boys.



  10.A nobody 做主语,谓语动词用单数第三人称形式。



  13.A such与不定冠词连用时要放在它的前面;而与some, any, no, every, another, many, all等连用时放在它们的后面。



  16.A honor 在此题中代指一件具体的事,作可数名词,表示 "(一件)引以为荣的事";也可以表示 "引以为荣的人"。

  17.C 祈使句的反意疑问句有:1)表示建议以Let's开始的句子,用shall we;2)表示有礼貌的邀请用won't you;3) 表示不耐烦用can't you;4)其它情况用 will/ would you。



  20.B There seems /doesn't seem to be… "似乎有/没有"; 而You seem/ don't seem to be… "你好象是/不是;根据后面主语chance,应用 B项。



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