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  相对于前几次,这次的雅思考试普遍反映是比较简单的,写作部分也是如此。Task 1是柱状图分析,难度不大,同学们按这类题型的写作套路统一三步走即可(概述-描述分析-重点对比)。Task 2也不算难,尤其是“某一事物对青少年儿童的影响”这样的话题对于认真准备过雅思写作的同学已是非常熟悉的。这一次无非是把网路游戏、智能手机换成了儿童广告,大家完全可以按照这类话题的惯用思路回答下来,只是要注意多思考下广告的特性。

  Task 1


  题目The chart shows the percentage of the total world population in four countries in 1950, 2002 and 2050.


  Task 2


  题 目

  Nowadays a large amount of advertising is aimed at children. Some people think this can have negative effects on children and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


  While more and more products are oriented to satisfy the need of children, an increasing amount of advertising that is aimed at children swarm into eye of public, which strikes the alert of some over-protective adults who claim necessity of banning this kind of advertisements for its possible negative effects on children. However, I don’t think there is any need for them to worry.

  The concern of people who are against children advertisements is most derived from their misunderstanding of the concept of advertising, which seems to be a cunning craft of persuasion and inducing maneuvered by merchants and children today are poisoned by these ads as poisoned by mobile phones, TV programs and computer games. However, the top priority of advertising is to inform and publicize the use and features of products, and that means two things: first, children as consumers have the right to know the variety and the information of their intended products as adults. Second, it’s hard to tell from the effect which ad is children-targeted as long as all kinds of ads are circulating on channels and internet. Hence, whoever catches a sight of them have the chance to be advertised and whichever ad that is seen by children could brand its products into children’s mind, activate them to make a choice of its products in purchasing and be labeled as “a children-targeted ad”. In this way, any attempt to ban the so-called “children-targeted ads” should be in vain. And for those worrying people, we have to remind them that in 21st century, we live in an age of highly-developed public media, which means advertising could be everywhere and our children are the people who are not only born in this age but also growing up in this age. And this could endow them the gift to smell out and choose what they exactly need from a miscellany of information presented by a kaleidoscope of advertisements, which might not be the property of their earlier generations who obviously fear the way information spreads.

  All in all, every coin has two sides, and that’s why we should never ban anything just because some stare at the negative side. So does it with children advertising.



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